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Middle Aged Woman wearing striped shirt and Glasses | Preventative Dental at Ormonde Dental Centre | Local Hurstville Dentist

Preventative Dentistry

The most important part of dental care is the prevention of further problems.

A major focus at the Ormonde Dental Centre is our Preventive Dental Programme. This is where our local Hurstville dentists and hygienists work with you to make sure your mouth stays as healthy as possible.

Our Preventive Program

The programme starts off with a thorough update of your medical history.

It is essential that our dentists and hygienists know what illnesses you have had and what medications you might be taking. Illnesses and medications can have a profound influence on the health of your mouth and any treatment that may be needed.

Hygiene Visits

Our hygienist will then give your teeth and gums a thorough clean and a fluoride application.

The hygienist will also instruct you on how to best look after your mouth at home.


During these hygiene visits, tests will be carried out to check on the health of your gums and saliva. Healthy gums and a good saliva flow are vital ingredients for a healthy mouth.


At some point during the hygiene visit, the dentist will come into the surgery to carry out a thorough examination. The examination will start on the outside of your mouth and will include checking your jaw joint (Temporo Mandibular Joint). Any abnormality will be looked for in the head and neck area.


The dentist will examine inside the mouth and check the lips, cheeks and tongue and soft palate. The dentist will also examine your gums and teeth.


You, the dentist and the hygienist will then work out a treatment plan, if one is required.

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