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Dr Michael Eather | Lead Dentist at Ormonde Dental Centre | Local Hurstville Dentist

Dr Michael Eather

Lead Dentist

Dr Michael Eather in Surgery | Local Hurstville Dental Practice | Ormonde Dental Centre

Michael Eather took over the Ormonde Dental Centre in Hurstville at the end of 1980. Michael has spent most of his life in the Hurstville area. He went to a local primary and high school and still lives locally.

One of the greatest satisfactions for Michael is that he has been able to provide dental treatment and care for people in the community where he has spent most of his life. He also has had the satisfaction of treating a lot of people he met at school as well as their children.

Dentistry is a fascinating field in which to be to be involved, and because of the rapid changes in technology, dentistry is evolving all the time. This constant dental evolution allows patients to have better and gentler treatment. Michael finds this exciting, challenging and extremely fulfilling.

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